Kids and Tech

I’m sure it’s not incredibly surprising that I think about this a lot. I have the tech argument a lot as it is, and when a discussion popped up on Facebook about kids using “screens,” it got me thinking. I’m a very tech-oriented person, and I see so many benefits. (And I get so frustrated… Read More Kids and Tech

Not Actually Shy

I mentioned at the start of the month that I was going to focus on figuring out what it means to succeed as an autistic person, rather than trying to judge success on neurotypical expectations. Since most people are neurotypical, teachers and parents expect kids to develop in neurotypical ways and assume neurotypical motivations. One… Read More Not Actually Shy

Rain Man

Note: This is not a review. I can’t quite process this movie enough to give a general review. After two viewings, I still can’t decide if I even like it or not. The things that hurt are too strong to let me fairly judge the better parts. So all I’m going to do here is… Read More Rain Man