Stuff I Like

Abernathy Square – Teens get mutations much like in X-Men, but they’re almost never the fun or useful ones. I also like the creator’s other works, Friendly Hostility is actually my favorite so far but it’s finished and this one’s still going. Lots of weirdness and lovable characters that you get to see grow and change. I like that.

Questionable Content – I’ve been reading this since at least my sophomore year of college. My roommate’s boyfriend got me into it. It’s been great watching the creator’s skill improve so much and watching the story develop in so many directions. There have been AIs since the beginning but recently the comic has started exploring AI/human relations and doing a lot of worldbuilding. I also like the high level of diversity and representation, particularly of queer and neurodiverse characters.

The Hues – A sort of superhero/magical-girl mashup. Mostly magical girl, really. But since there’s no explanation yet and these teens just suddenly have superpowers, in my context it winds up feeling like a superhero comic. There’s an alien invasion and six girls with different kinds of magic to fight it off. Very little fighting at this point, though. A focus on re-building community and forming friendships, which is a nice change. Less shiny transformations or costumes and more just ordinary people helping each other through a difficult situation.

Strong Female Protagonist – Superpowers are kind of a theme in my list, I guess. This is another story about teens suddenly getting powers in an event no one understands. A group of them form a superhero team, then one of them reveals her identity, leaves the group, and goes to college. She also forms a friendship with a former super-villain. (Confession: the super-villain is my favorite character.) Her (starting) power is super-strength and invulnerability, and she’s trying to figure out how to solve the world’s problems through understanding rather than punching things. Good discussion about what causes the bad in the world and why it’s not as easy as just deciding to make it better. Occasionally kind of a bummer but ultimately optimistic, I think.

Chaos Life – Not about superpowers! Everyday life, semi-autobiographical comic. Featuring a non-binary character (and creator, since they’re the same) and lots of cats. One of the cats, Peter, reminds me a lot of one of my own cats, Lucy. So that’s nice.

Geeky Writing
Women Write About Comics – Title is pretty self-explanatory. Lots of writers here, lots of perspectives on comics, always something good to read.

Girls With Issues – A super-cute couple read and discuss three comics a week (one Marvel, one DC, one other) plus other comics-related news. I can’t say I totally agree with their recommendations (they once talked about how awesome Mark Millar was and I have to admit I’ve viewed them with just a little suspicion ever since) but I always love listening to them. It’s my favorite way to get caught up on comics I have no intention of reading, like anything Batman. Also, “little haaaands.”

Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men – I’ve sort of followed developments in the X-Men storyline since I started reading back around 2002 or so. But my interest and frequency of checking in with it have definitely fallen off since…right around Decimation, actually. Oops, that’s quite awhile ago. Look, comics are complicated, and keeping up with the news can become a chore when you’re not regularly reading. This podcast makes catching up fun again.

Autism Blogs
Social Skills for Autonomous People – My favorite shirt comes from here (“non-compliance is a social skill”) and therefore this is the only site I “advertise” with clothing (since the url is written on the shirt), so it probably should go here first. Lots of great articles that encourage me to keep working and not give up because I’m not like everyone else. Reminders that my needs are real and it’s okay to have them.

Invisible Strings – An autistic adult talks about experiencing life as an autistic person. I like the glimpses into past memories and adaptations made without understanding the details of why he was different. It all feels very familiar to me.