This website is about religion in pop culture, pop culture as religion, and how we come together to celebrate the things we find worthwhile. While I’ll be looking at the culture in general, there’s probably going to be a lot more focus on the things I love and find meaningful because, well, I’m the one writing it.

So, a little about me…

Preferred Name: Zeph
Pronouns: xe/xem/xyr or they/them/their

Squee? Squee! It’s a word that is used when something’s really great, to the point that words fail. I also tend to associate it with happy stims like hand-flapping and humming and bouncing.

Unitarian Universalism: You can learn more here. Short description – a liberal faith dedicated to social justice, tolerance, and the search for truth. Though it evolved out of two Christian denominations, it’s now a separate tradition and UUs today have a wide variety of religious perspectives. We support each other’s search for meaning even if we come to different conclusions.

General Interests: comics, children’s fiction, mythology, urban fantasy, theology, autism & neurodiversity, UU ministry, participatory culture, gender, internet

Favorite Works: Guardians of Childhood, The Wicked and the Divine, The Queen’s Thief, Journey (video game), Mass Effect, Agent Carter, Boy Meets World, The Bacchae, Batgirl of Burnside

Future Blog Goals: Develop a regular writing schedule, re-establish this one as a specifically spiritual space

Career Goals: Put out some zines, write and publish an RPG, develop a stronger idea of my ministerial purpose

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