Where I’ve Been & What’s Next

I’ve been away from this space for awhile, which (sadly) isn’t all that unusual for me. I’ll get wrapped up in work/school/whatever and just not have a lot of time for writing the things I want to write.

But this was worse, and I’ve fallen behind on just about everything. Life has been very stressful and depressing for the past few months. Doing anything beyond the basic “must do to live” tasks has been a major struggle. Heck, those have been a struggle too, it’s just that they get prioritized and I wind up in this cycle of spending all my spoons on the basics, never enough to do much I enjoy.

Obviously, though, I’m back now. Does that means it’s over? Eh, not really. I have been re-thinking, finding things I can let go so they’re not weighing on me, getting writing ideas that make me more motivated. And I’m currently visiting family and took a few days off from work to do it, so I’ve found it’s a lot easier to write whenever I want to without those extra obligations and without access to most other things I would be doing.

It’s probably going to get harder and sadder and I’m going to struggle again once I have to get back to my regularly scheduled job and life stuff tomorrow morning. But I have figured out some ways to simplify and prioritize what I want to do, and I’ve got some exciting ideas building up at the back of my mind that I hope will help keep me excited and determined as my old routine tries to lull me back into passivity.

I will be back here, hopefully within a week but definitely soon, and eventually with some updates on other projects. Thanks for sticking around.

3 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been & What’s Next

  1. Good to see you again! I was just thinking the other day about this blog so it was a nice surprise to see a post from you this morning! Sorry for your current struggles, but I hope your ideas about simplifying and prioritizing help.

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