Dream Daddy: Part 1 (of 3)

HEYYYYYYY, have you heard about this game? It’s so great. I wasn’t expecting much, actually started watching a few Let’s Play videos because I didn’t expect to ever play it myself but wanted to see how it turned out, wound up playing it myself…and then realized I could go back to my last save and pick all the dads without having to make a new character so I finished most of their storylines…then I finally started over with a new character (even though most of the dialogue and personality is the same).

If you haven’t heard of it at all, Dream Daddy is a dating sim where you are a hot dad dating other hot dads. Hurray! Sounds silly, right? Don’t worry, it is. But it’s also cute and fun and interesting and genuinely sweet.

I’m doing this in two parts because I want to talk about the game in general but then I also want to rank all the dads (and talk about some of the other characters) and talk about my preferred headcanon. One of the people I saw playing on YouTube made all the characters in the Sims and I think I might do the same so I can have something closer to how I think it should have gone.

So, the dads! First you build your own character, your “dadsona.” You have a really cool daughter, Amanda, and apparently no job because literally all you ever do is eat, talk to your kid, and go on dates with other dads. Also you have just moved to a cul-de-sac full of (mostly) single dads, all bi or gay and totally into the hot new guy in the neighborhood. (Yep, you’re hot, doesn’t matter how you make your character. You’re cute and they like you, deal with it.)

There are seven dateable dads – Goth Dad, Competitive Dad, Teacher Dad, Married Youth Minister Dad, Hip Music Coffee Dad, Fitness Dad, and Bad Dad. Not all of them are actually ones that will end in happy romance times, but you can in fact go on dates with all of them. Also apparently you can die on some of those dates maybe???? I have not seen that in my own games or any on YouTube so far but I have heard it’s a thing.

I really like the variety in characters and in particular the inclusion of trans characters. Besides one of the dateable dads referring to wearing binders, the first decision you’re given when building your character is “tank top” or “binder” with three body types (muscly, skinny, and fat) for each. Binder seems to be more shorthand-for-trans than actually necessarily meaning the character has reason to wear them, or at least I kind of have to interpret it that way, because at least once your character takes off their shirt in a semi-public place in front of kids and I just cannot imagine being comfortable with that, whether it means the wet binder stays on or everything comes off. (How do you even get a wet binder off??? They’re hard enough to get off and on dry. Definitely making a note never to wear one anywhere near water after this.) So that was mildly distracting but still I love that you have the option.

My first character is basically just me, or as close as I could get.

Awww, look at that cutie.

So, yeah, that’s an example of the in-game “binder” body. Pretty much looks just like the tank top body, the most noticeable difference is actually that there’s less arm hair.

After creating the dadsona, you get to look through some photos with Amanda and make some more decisions about your character’s past. For example, was Amanda’s now-deceased other parent a mom or a dad? That’s pretty cool. Then you guys move to your new home and start making friends. Well. Boyfriends. Just hanging out as friends is not really an option here, even if the entire “date” is much more friend-y than romantic it’s read as a date and all the reactions are sexy/romantic and everyone else in the game will treat it like you’re dating.

It’s an extremely quick game just to play through to the end with one character/pairing. But there are also SOOOO many options and it’s so easy to jump back in again (either with the same character or a new one, depending on how far back you want to go). So it’s definitely one you can keep playing and explore a lot of different storylines and places. And as I said above, it really is a lot of fun.

I give it…4/5, I think.

Have you played it? Let me know how you like it if so. And I’ll be back soon (probably tomorrow, I’m honestly just going to go write it right after this) with my thoughts on the individual characters. Any guesses who my favorites are?

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