Recent Activities

Warming up for my serious writing today with a “what I’ve been doing/loving” post here. This also happens to scratch the “oh no I think I’ve been neglecting my blog” itch that’s started building at the back of my brain. I’m here! I have a really busy week ahead and have been prepping for it so I haven’t been posting on this blog, but I’m not leaving it behind. Normal activity should resume soon, definitely by next month.

I have been using Mastodon for just over a week now. When a friend first mentioned it to me, I took a quick look and thought “wow, this seems way more complicated than it’s worth” and went back to scrolling Twitter. After reading a few more posts about it, I got curious enough to look deeper and give it a chance. Now I have four different accounts on different instances and I love it so much.

I’m not replacing Twitter or anything else with it, but I use them differently. Mastodon feels more like the communities that got me started on the internet and made me fall in love with it, in ways I didn’t even realize were missing from what “social networks” have become. So it’s given me a chance to get back to my roots and reconsider what the internet can be (and as a side effect, what internet ministry can look like) and I actually look forward to seeing what interesting things have been posted and how these people in my communities are doing, which hasn’t been so much a thing for me on the big networks lately.

This is the best summary of Mastodon I’ve found, so I won’t bother trying to explain it when other people have done that work so well (and so many times). But the short version is that there are many “instances,” or servers using Mastodon to create their own social networks. Signing up with any of those also lets you interact with people on other Mastodon instances and see them in your “Home” panel, but your local and federated (public-ish) timelines are based on your instance so you’re not getting EVERYTHING across all Mastodon accounts but you do get more than just the people you have personally followed.

I have a “home” instance where I post general updates and then once I was comfortable with that I started joining others based on specific interests. I like having those targeted, narrower communities so I can quickly find posts on things I love. But I also like having that “just me” spaced to relax and connect with people without necessarily needing that common interest.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can follow me here.

The Wicked and the Divine
So, confession. You know how I talk up this comic a whole lot, like almost as much as Batgirl, and I often tell adult readers that if they’re only going to read one comic it should be this one? And you know how I love it so much I started doing weekly comic devotionals using mostly excerpts from it because it’s so great at inspiring me and speaks to all my feelings about religion in pop culture and fandom?

I hadn’t actually read the new comics in months. I just got so busy and fell behind, and it was overwhelming to try and catch up. So much easier to latch onto something new with fewer issues. So I couldn’t actually say for sure that I still loved it but kept recommending it anyway because I trust it and the earlier work was so good I figured that was a pretty safe bet.

Finally got all caught up last night. It’s not just as good as the earlier work, it’s better and I’m so excited about it and now once again whole-heartedly recommend it to absolutely everyone over 18 who wants to read comics at all but especially if you’re into things like celebrity culture, religion, music, art, the nature of inspiration and faith, etc. It’s beautiful and complex and just everything I want comics to be (and therefore exactly why I get so frustrated when so many first recommendations to new readers comes down to darker and edgier Batman stories).

Another arc just wrapped up so this is a good time to get started.

Other Stuff
I know there was something else I wanted to talk about here earlier in the week but I can’t remember what it is. And I’ve probably rambled on enough. Those two are the big ones right now. Riverdale continues to fascinate me and Legion is over for this season but ended in such a great place and I can’t wait for more. I definitely would not have predicted those two shows would wind up being my favorite comic tv adaptations but there you go.

I’ve also started learning French and reviewing Spanish on Duolingo. It’s not really the way I typically learn languages and I’m not sure I like it, but it is pretty fun and easy to do in quick chunks so I guess I can always supplement with the more structured notes I tend to like but keep using it to provide momentum. (One of my Mastodon influences is mostly French and I understand sooooooo little. Hoping I can change that.)

That’s all, friends! See you later.

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