Top 5 Starter Comics

“Hey Zeph, what comic should I read to get started?”

This is a question I get asked literally never but think about a lot. Partly because I don’t actually know a lot of people who read comics and if any of my friends ever decide they want to start, I want to be ready! But also because this question does get asked a lot online, there are quite a few “most important comics to read” posts, and very few of those recommendations actually represent what I like about comics.

And really, what comics you should read depends on who you are and what you want to read, and I would probably have a different answer for anyone who asked. I’d want to actually talk about it and see what else they like to read so I could suggest something similar. So all this list really means is “here are some books that represent my personal love of comics and that I’m really excited about.”

So, uh. That. Here are those comics, in no particular order but arbitrarily limited to 5 because I have to stop somewhere. Maybe I’ll do “for x age” or “for x fans” or something later to talk about more of them.

1. Batgirl of Burnside
2. The Wicked and the Divine
3. Wonder Woman: Golden Age Omnibus (or similar, any collection of Marston’s WW comics)
4. Lumberjanes
5. Hawkeye (I’m actually not sure whether I mean Fraction’s or Thompson’s here. You decide!)

What are your favorite “starter” comics? And/or what were your first comics and what did you think of them? What ones were recommended to you if you asked?

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