Friendship is MARVELous: Feelings

New “comics devotional” series while I hold off on continuing my WicDiv re-read. (Studying is HARD. I’d just gotten in the habit of regular fun-time reading again and now I have a textbook to finish in a couple of weeks. I love it, interesting stuff, but it’s so weird realizing how different my study-reading is from my fun-reading and how I don’t seem to be able to do both at the same time. My brain wants to go all-in on one type of reading and it’s really hard to reset.)

I’ve definitely been sensing some themes with these new Marvel series, something I’ve mentioned here before. Some of that is just a result of all of them having been through the same massive cross-over event recently and everyone needing to recover from that. Some is probably a result of Marvel reaching out to non-dudes and giving young women a chance to write the stories that are important to them. And some of it just might be the result of other things that are popular among adult-types right now despite seeming to be aimed at kids. Things like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and of course My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, whose title I borrowed a bit for this series.

Friends are good. We need them, life is sad without them. Most of my friends are ones I met at school and that I haven’t seen in awhile. I miss you, friends. (Most of them don’t even read this blog, I have no idea who I think I’m talking to there.) But some of those have been great enough and meant enough to me that even when we’re nowhere near each other and we don’t talk because they’re not internet-types, I feel close to them and am comforted just by thinking about past experiences and the things we would do if they were here.

So I’ve loved seeing these Marvel heroines I’ve been reading about interacting with their besties. I enjoy watching them talk about their feelings when they don’t want to because they have to be tough. I like the way their friends push them but not too much, still leaving them space. And I love that these friendships are strong enough to last through just about anything.

Friendship wasn’t really something I associated with superhero comics before. I knew there were close friend groups, and I’ve seen a lot of Feelings Talks that were more like monologues with a listener drawn in the same panels. But these best friend pairs that are crucial for helping heroes get through things and confront their inner demons, that feels new. Or like it’s being handled in new ways I can relate to more, I’m not sure. But I think it’s good and I’m looking forward to examining them more.

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