Review(ish) – Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon

I finally read it! This’ll be a short review, though. I’ve got a lot going on today (a LOT) and I’m just taking a quick break before I get back to work.

So, Hawkeye’s awesome. Obviously. Both Hawkeyes that I know of. (All three, if we’re counting M.A.S.H. But that is not what I meant.) I knew this, but I hadn’t actually read much that includes them until the brand new Kate Bishop series (which I’m just completely loving, btw, go check it out). My memory of Hawkeye before the MCU is basically this one panel from House of M where he’s frothing mad at Scarlet Witch and trying to shoot her with his arrows. Not cool, Hawkeye. Not. Cool. (I understand there are some bigger issues behind that, but they are not the purpose of this post. Moving on.)

I’d been seeing bits and pieces of this series by Matt Fraction and David Aja on Tumblr for quite awhile and flipped through it just about every time I visited the comic shop, but I just never really had the money to spend on it when there were so many other awesome things. But I loved the art and especially the coloring, and the sort of run-down not-all-that-heroic take on the character. Very human. And soooo pretty with the colors and the monotone pages and the simplified lines and the COLORS. (I love color in general and it’s a big part of my draw to comics and Matt Hollingsworth is AMAZING here and just a perfect match to Aja’s art.)

I didn’t even know Kate was in it so early. That was just an awesome bonus. But while we’re on that subject. KATE. Oh wow, Kate. Read this for more on her especially if you are also checking out the new series. She’s so great. Clint thinks so too, and therefore I love him.

But there’s this problem with reading things you’ve been wanting to read for a really long time and built up in your head, and I think most of us have experienced that. Did I build it up too much? Possibly. But I actually think it’s more that I didn’t read it right. One thing that sort of annoyed me and got old really quick was the high number of times a line like “This looks bad” popped up. Like, ugh, Hawkeye, do you ever say anything else?

He does. Of course he does. But as repeat phrases go, that’s actually a pretty fun one. And I think if I had been reading this one issue at a time I would have enjoyed it a lot more. Since I was reading the whole volume in one sitting, it was just a lot all at once. My absolute favorite opening book line is “The building was on fire and it wasn’t my fault.” That’s from The Dresden Files: Blood Rites by Jim Butcher. It’s just so quintessentially Harry and I love it. I like his just-barely-made-it-out-alive successes, that he’s not this great shining hero but a guy just scrambling to survive and help as many people as he can in really tough circumstances. And I think there’s a lot of that in Clint too, and as an opening line if I was reading these like individual episodes or something, that would make a lot more sense and be much more effective.

I definitely want to keep reading the series, so when I get to volume 2 I’ll try that. Just one issue at a time and then stop and pick it up on another day. That was really my only problem with the comic and I think that’ll take care of it. Looking forward to giving it a shot!

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