“We Get to Change You”

From The Wicked and the Divine #4, by Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie

I ask myself a lot whether I really believe the things I believe. Is the whole idea of the divine just silly childish imagination? Am I just wasting my time praying to air?

A question I hear others ask a lot is why the world is the way it is if God is real. Why is there suffering and evil? Why is it so hard to find truth and meaning?

But faith isn’t about easy answers and magic fixes. My faith, at the very least, doesn’t look to an external being to interact with the world like a child would with a toy, directing all our actions and deciding what happens next.

The world to me is a manifestation of the divine. (The definition of the divine is a whole other thing and it might be more accurate to say the divine is a metaphorical personification of the universe, but the former is how I like to think about it.) When we act, we are the hands and feet and voices of the divine.

Prayer and scriptures and meditation and all the other forms of spiritual inspiration we find let us see and feel the divine the way we hope it is. It lets us align our own thoughts and actions to match it and bring that god into the world.

Faith is a tool, and we choose what we do with it. What will you do today?

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