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Hawkeye by Kelly Thompson
An Instagram challenge I started doing this week (Because I’m on Instagram now! You can see my most recent couple of posts on the blog sidebar.) had an auto-buy author prompt. I don’t really have auto-buys, because funds are a bit limited and sometimes picking up a new thing just isn’t an option. But I definitely have authors I’ve come to trust and can just assume that whatever they write will be worth picking up when I have the opportunity, no need to read reviews. Kelly Thompson is quickly becoming one of those.

I don’t really know anything about Kate Bishop, the title character in this series. I know a tiny bit more about the other Hawkeye, but never read any of the comics about him. (Okay, one issue of an ensemble series where he spent most of it arguing with another character, Spider-Man maybe, about which hamburger restaurant is best. Funny, but not super informative.) Good news! This series is still good if you have no idea who Kate is or what drama recently happened that her relationship with other-Hawkeye and other friends is strained. (Probably something Civil War-related and I refused to read any comics that were taking part in that whole mess this time.)

It feels a bit like a much lighter and more whimsical version of Netflix’s Jessica Jones. Kate moved to California to become a P.I. but hasn’t bothered with a license, her hand-drawn sign is terrible, most of her prospective clients are there for the other Hawkeye (or think she’s an optometrist), and in general she’s just not a very good fit in an area that’s not used to super-heroes and finds her more a silly annoyance. It’s fun. And the first arc takes on internet harassment and stalking, so that’s neat.

Buffering the Vampire Slayer
This isn’t actually a new thing to me, but they have a Patreon now! That’s cool. And I don’t think I’ve talked about it here much so this seems like a good time. It’s a podcast where they’re watching and discussing Buffy one episode at a time. So that’s fun if you enjoyed the series and want to rewatch it again, or if you missed it entirely and want to see it for the first time! Like watching with friends, but different. Also they have a song about the episode at the end of the show and they’re pretty cute and catchy. Season 2 just started so you wouldn’t be too far behind if you started watching and listening now.

Saying “Thank You” (instead of “I’m Sorry”)
Kind of a weird entry since it’s not really something to read/watch/listen to. But right before the new year I saw a post about a resolution to say “thank you” instead of “I’m sorry.” You know, “thank you for waiting” instead of “I’m sorry I’m late.” That sounded like a really good idea to me as a constant over-apologizer. So I’ve been trying that and I think it’s going well. I feel more positive in general, I never hear I’m saying “thank you” too much because people probably like being thanked and feel awkward getting apologies for little things.

And I’ve started to notice other people saying “sorry” soooo much, which didn’t used to be a thing because no one said it more than me. 😀 And it’s weird being on the other side of that, like I realize how often people apologize when we don’t actually mean we’re sorry for something we did but rather “You seem annoyed and I don’t know why so I’ll assume it’s my fault and try not to make it worse.” So it’s not just unnecessary and maybe sometimes a tiny bit annoying, it’s also disingenuous! My next goal is to let people who apologize to me over nothing know that if I’m quiet or curt it’s almost certainly not about them, I’m just preoccupied (or if it is about them, letting them know why so we can resolve it).

Writer/Brand Pages
My partner made brand pages for social media recently. He’s not a writer and doesn’t update them much, just wanted a separate profile for anything gaming-related he might put up that doesn’t really have much to do with his daily/family/professional life. I got kind of jealous of his super cool brand accounts and decided that since I actually do put content out under a sort of brand, and actually had a brand account for G+ automatically because I made a few videos, I should make some of my own.

So I took the links to my personal pages down and now at the top right of this website there’s links to my G+ and Facebook brand/author profiles. There’s not much on them yet, but I’m having fun with it and plan to learn more about what sort of things should go there (beyond just links to my new blog posts). I figure at the least it’s a way to bring any writing or other creative work I do in different places together and make it easy to find. And makes it easy to share quick thoughts/links/whatever that are related to this blog but don’t really warrant their own post.

What have you been reading/watching/hearing/doing lately? Any recommendations to share?

2 thoughts on “Check These Out – Branding & Sharing

  1. “I saw a post about a resolution to say “thank you” instead of “I’m sorry.” You know, “thank you for waiting” instead of “I’m sorry I’m late.” ” — I love this idea!


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