Devotional – Obsession


From The Wicked and the Divine #2.

Sigh. Oh, Laura. So dramatic.

I somehow missed or glossed over these thought bubbles when I read this issue the first time. I was caught up in all the glitz and romance of the pop culture deities…a lot like Laura and the other in-universe fans, I suppose.

The deal with the gods in The Wicked and the Divine is that they get to inspire people and be massively important at the expense of a long life. Two years, that’s it. And this is all Laura wants.

On the one hand, I admire that dedication. And I understand it. A life that’s full of meaning is a very tempting idea in a world that often seems shallow and meaningless. Being able to make a difference, really be guaranteed to affect people, that strikes a chord when I encounter so much apathy in my life.

On the other, surely it’s better (or at least as good) in the long run to affect a smaller number of people over a longer period of time. To quietly work towards a better world in ways that will last far beyond a few years. And as much as I admire her dedication, there’s something deeply troubling about the idea that life isn’t worth living if you’re not living big.

How do we hold onto our aspirations and let them inspire us and others, without getting so wrapped up in them we devalue everything else in our lives? Can we let that passion fuel our everyday life and infuse deep meaning into the ordinary?

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