Busy couple of weeks. Especially the last one. Busy busy. Good busy, though! Don’t want to do details, but short version is things seem to be working out and my financial situation is looking much better. And that means that I don’t have to try and turn every little thing I do into a source of income and I don’t have to figure out how to “sell” my blog content. I can just…blog. Ahh, the freedom.

That desperation helped me out, though. It made me think about who I am and what I can realistically do on a regular basis. And that made me stop pushing myself to do a vlog and put myself through all that anxiety just to have an awkward video I don’t expect (or really want) people to watch. I want to write. And I was able to think about what I want to write if I was going to do an actual theme and stick to the same types of posts every week.

Mostly, that’s media reviews. Particularly as they relate to theological discussions and moral/religious/spiritual education. Talking about themes and personal meaning and ways I might use something for various groups.

It’ll probably be one thing a week to start. Then as I settle into it, maybe one big thing (graphic novel, book, full TV season, etc) and some quicker reviews on single (current) TV episodes or comic issues. And every once in awhile, an essay or reflection on using media for spiritual discussion or teaching.

Oh no, what about the autism posts? Well, I’m sure it’ll still come up. It’s me. Feminism, technology, and autism are frequent topics no matter what. But I’m going to try to narrow the focus here to mostly media (with sprinklings of commentary on those issues as they apply). I’ve been encouraged to try Medium for posts that just don’t quite fit (apparently it’s a good way to expand your audience and engage with people more), so a lot of the posts that are actually about those things will likely wind up there. And I’m writing a book about autism, so I’m saving some of those reflections for that. (I’m considering an author site too, which will likely have excerpts from the book, but that’s probably way down the line.)

I had prepared both an intro to The Wicked and the Divine and a review of its first issue, but I’m going to skip both of those. Instead, I think I’ll be doing reviews of each collected paperback as one of those “big” things I mentioned, starting next week with volume one. Then anyone who’s interested can catch up quickly and jump in with the next arc and I can do quick reviews of those. It’s such a spectacular series. I need more people to know about it and enjoy it with me.

Between that series, Halloween stuff, and some RPG-related books I’ve received to review, I’ve got a lot planned. Maybe enough for the rest of the year. But I’m open to suggestions, too. Got something you’ve always wanted to explore theologically? Looking for a work of fiction to explore a particular topic? Let me know. No promises, but I’ll give it some thought and see if I can work with it.

Also. Since I’m getting kind of a late start…if I only make time to look at one Halloween movie this way, which of these should it be?
Ghostbusters (2016)
The Craft
Witches of Eastwick

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