WicDiv Read-Along

Yesterday I wrote about wanting to do something like an episode guide for a comic series and asked for suggestions. Soon after that I decided I didn’t really need suggestions, I definitely want to talk about The Wicked and the Divine. Because it’s awesome and more people need to know about it. I’d love to share my thoughts on it and also discuss it more with others.

The difficulty is knowing how much to share. I want to summarize well enough that people can follow along and understand what I’m talking about if they haven’t read it while also leaving enough out to encourage people to start reading along. That’s probably going to take a few tries to get right. But it seems like a good exercise. I’ll have to limit my words a lot more than I usually do.

Tentative format: Summary, characters and themes, theological commentary/discussion questions. Probably text (blog post) as long as I’m the only one “talking.” But on that note, if someone wants to talk about teaming up and doing this as a podcast, that would be cool.

Another thing that will require some trial and error is deciding how much to do at a time. The plan is at least one issue a week, but with 23 issues out so far that could take awhile. I looked through volume 1 and it’s 5 issues long. Seems like the first issue works well as a stand-alone, then I’ll probably try 2 & 3 in one post then 4 & 5 in another. See which works better and decide if I want to stick with two at a time or drop down to one.

I plan to post these every Monday, starting with an introduction to the series on October 3rd and the first actual issue discussion on the 10th. That should give anyone who wants to read along a bit of time to locate copies.

Last thing before I go: this all started because someone showed me a YouTube channel doing Buffy episode guides. It’s a good channel, and since I started that I’ve found two other shows doing the same thing. And I think it’s just as important to spread the love of Buffy as it is to share comics, so I’ll link to those here.

Passion of the Nerd
Once More, with Ling-Ling (I love that title.)
Buffering the Vampire Slayer (Podcast)

And while I’m recommending things, not another Buffy channel, but close. Maven of the Eventide/Vampire Reviews is an excellent way to celebrate October. Also check out the Pumpktoberfest Pumpkin Beer Reviews (and have fun trying to say that first word) on the same channel if you’re into that. Or even if you’re not. I almost never drink anymore thanks to some medication, but I still love these videos.

It’s not even October yet! I’m getting all my Autumn writing energy early this year. So excited. See you Monday!

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