Quick Update

I should be back with a regular post later this week, but just a few notes in the meantime.

1. Selling Stuff
In my last post, I wrote about selling a bunch of my books and comics, with links to the lists of items and prices. Tonight I finally put up my first items on ebay. I’ve been meaning to do this for years and was intimidated. Just never really seemed worth the effort. But it’s so easy! I think I’ll keep at it now.

You can see my items for sale here. I only added toys tonight, since I didn’t have them listed anywhere else and it made sense to get everything up somewhere as soon as possible. I think I’ll do one category of items on ebay every night. Comics tomorrow, then start on my seminary books.

I also started putting up some of my books on Amazon. I added columns to mark them off once they’re listed. So if you’re looking at those lists after this, any items with an “x” in the right-most column aren’t available directly from me anymore, but you can look them up there.

2. “Episode” Guides
A friend recommended a YouTube channel with Buffy episode guides. And then that channel suggested another one doing the same thing. And then tonight I saw a podcast doing the same thing recommended on Twitter. It looks so fun. But I don’t want to just copy what a bunch of others are already doing, and also I’m very cautious about doing videos with clips of TV shows/movies.

But I do like the idea. I’m thinking of doing comic guides instead. Maybe starting with Buffy season 8 (where it first went to comics)? Or with The Wicked and the Divine. Hmmmm. Haven’t decided yet how to do it (video, podcast, blog post). Open to suggestions on which series I should do (including others not mentioned here) and what medium to use. Thanks! Looking to start these the first week of October and then a new one every week.

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