Patreon (and Other Money Stuff)

I mentioned a job I was hoping to get in the last post. It didn’t work out. Trying to find work in general hasn’t really been working out. I’m selling a bunch of books to make up for the lack of income, and I’ll post links to those in a minute. But I’m also considering a Patreon account and I’d like some feedback on things you’d like to see there.

For awhile I planned to hold off on that until I got a podcast or regular video series going. Most people I see using Patreon do some sort of visual/audio content like that and it didn’t feel like something I could do “just” as a writer. But in the past couple of months I have seen writers raising money that way, and that is the bulk of what I do. Why try to be something else and only give people the chance to donate towards content I’m inexperienced at making? I think it would be better to still do those things, since they do interest me, but not build it around them. So instead I’m starting now and trying to consider both regular public content that will interest people enough to donate and rewards for backers.

Some ideas on the public side: a podcast either on UU ministry and theology or examining pop culture theologically (there could be interviews occasionally with guests discussing their favorites!), weekly “devotionals” from fiction/comics/movies, read-alongs/watch-alongs with commentary and discussion here, discussion guides or even lesson plans for using comics in religious education, video (maybe even streamed) of gameplay (could vary – tabletop RPGs, computer games) with discussion (maybe religious discussion? Or just as an example of games that could be used in RE groups, particularly with the tabletop RPGs)

Ideas for rewards: let backers choose topics/works for the podcast or blog posts mentioned above, play the games that get recorded, access to my notes/process, more in-depth curriculum

It’s a lot easier coming up with general ideas than rewards. But I’m interested to hear if any of these appeal to you. Any you like or don’t like? Other suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Also, the lists of books and comics I’m selling:
Seminary Books

These will be up on Amazon and Ebay soon (I’m thinking Monday), but I already offered them to friends and family on my social networks early and figured I’d do the same for readers now. Shipping is included for the books but there’s a shipping guide for the individual comics because apparently they don’t count for media mail. If you’re interested, contact me using the form below. Also feel free to ask questions about them either that way or in the regular comments. Thanks!

(I might actually make a comment of my own now with my own recommendations/thoughts on some of them. Yeah, doing that.)

One thought on “Patreon (and Other Money Stuff)

  1. These particular graphic novels are all for sale because I didn’t like them. That’s not true of my seminary books or the individual issues, those are either because I have multiple copies, wasn’t able to collect a whole set and plan to get the collected versions later so I will have multiple copies, or (for most of the seminary books) because I’m just not getting much use out of them and know I have friends who would.

    There’s nothing wrong with the graphic novels, really, they’re just not my thing anymore. They’re violent, dude-centric, very much the sort of thing I was reading when I first started collecting comics and was taking my recommendations from dudebros who think The Killing Joke is the very best thing that has ever been written in any medium. I quite proudly read “girl comics” now and they’re much more fun. But if you like the dude comics, they’re fine. Ghosted is kind of like if John Constantine from an alternate universe where he’s not magically-inclined was in charge of putting together the crew for Ocean’s Eleven. I actually like it marginally better than I did Justice League Dark, which is like if regular John Constantine with powers put together the crew for Ocean’s Eleven. So there’s that.

    Hero Cats is adorable and even though I only have the first issue it’s fairly complete on its own. Good for kids maybe 3-7? It’s about cats. Who are superheroes. Yesssss.

    This Catwoman issue features Duela Dent and was actually the first time I’d ever heard of her. That’s mostly what I remember about it. It was alright.

    Penny Dora and the Wishing Box is SO GOOD, especially for around ages 8-12 but I liked it as an adult, too. It’s based on something the author’s daughter wrote when she was little. And also, obviously, Pandora, which is why I was drawn to it. My only criticism is that I think actually every single character is white. That probably could have been changed. But it’s a good, cute story about friendship and responsibility and growing up. With an almost entirely female cast. Wooo.

    Jubilee is probably my least favorite comic ever. It’s not nearly as offensive as, say, The Killing Joke, but it’s also not nearly as interesting. It’s weird and sexist and kind of silly and boring. Don’t read it. But if you have like a terrible comic review blog or something, you should definitely read it. Just like…don’t give it to teen or preteen girls, please. There are better comics that don’t insult their intelligence. (It’s also kind of outdated by now, but that’s beside the point.)

    I couldn’t continue with ANAD Avengers because the dialogue was really off. People just don’t talk like that, at least no one I know, and it got to be distracting. The story is good, though, and I like the characters involved.

    Infinite Loop and Zodiac Starforce both suffered from hype. I was way too excited about both of them, they seemed right up my alley and I couldn’t wait. They were good, just not exactly what I wanted, and they disappointed me because I had such high expectations. I want to go back and read more of Zodiac Starforce at some point, but since the first paperback of it is already out there’s no reason to hang onto the first two issues. I still recommend it, especially if you’re into magical girls, but don’t put too much stock in the comparisons to Buffy (or anything else, really), just go into it fresh and let it be its own thing.

    Just about everything on the seminary list is great, so recommendations on those would be more personal and depend on what you’re looking for. So I’ll just leave that alone for now.


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