Hiatus? (Not Really)

In the past, there have been times when I’ve gone months without posting. Typically that meant schoolwork was piling up on me, and I didn’t have a regular posting schedule back then so I didn’t worry about it much and wouldn’t even announce it.

So why even bother bringing it up when it’s only been two weeks and a day? Because I do have a regular-ish posting schedule now. I was doing pretty well at that once-a-week guideline. And I don’t want to just ignore it.

I’m still here, still posting. But my job search has forced me to look at my career choices, think long and hard about the things I love and what I want to accomplish and how I can best incorporate them. My brain has kind of been in reformatting-mode and that means my approach to the blog is also being reworked.

Not much is likely to change. I am considering going back to school for a degree everyone says I should have gotten from the start. But if I do, it will be one class at a time because I don’t want to borrow any more money. And it’s contingent on getting a job I really want in the first place, because otherwise I can’t afford it and there’s also not much point. It’s not going to take me away from the blog, but the blog might take on more of a literary focus. I’m seeing lots of reviews, lesson plans, and suggestions for home/church libraries in its future. You know. If I get to do this work.

So I’m not on hiatus. I’m still roughly sticking to the weekly posts (and in fact considering whether I want to do themed days and have 2-3 posts a week instead). It just might be another week or two before they resume.

Hope everyone reading this is doing well. Wish me luck with the job thing! (Silently. Apparently I get a little freaked out and over-think when I get too much of a response. Learned that from Facebook this week.)

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