I haven’t been blogging as often as I said I would, obviously.

I have been writing a lot. And working on other creative projects. I’ve also kept up with sharing all the posts I do make to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Go me! Though I most likely won’t share this one, since it’s mostly an update for people who already know me and read my blog.

There are a few reasons the blog posts dropped off. The first is that my burst of excitement faded. I’m actually sort of glad about that because now I know I can keep up the daily writing even when my mood and energy are down. Another is that I’ve found other writing projects to occupy my time.

My first choice of colleges was an art school, and I’ve said so often that I wish I’d ignored my parents and gone there because I’m not working in my field anyway and creative jobs have done so well with the internet. Finally I realized that if I’m not working in my field anyway, there’s nothing stopping me from starting to write now. While I’m working on finding better jobs I can also take my writing seriously and dedicate myself to that.

So I’ve been taking on non-blog projects. I’m working on a few submissions for zines and contests, some that pay and some that don’t. I applied for a couple of editor positions and I’m keeping an eye out for other writing opportunities. And I’m writing two books! The first is on autism and religious education, so I get to combine 3 of my favorite things. When I need a break from the serious research writing, I’ll work on an RPG! Last night I asked friends for help with a setting for a campaign I was going to run, and I got all excited about it and decided I’d rather just write a whole game.

Once I get a few things out there and feel more comfortable with my ability to write different formats, I’m thinking of setting up a patreon or offering commissioned work. For now I might set up a donation button here, though I still feel a bit awkward about that. I’ll have to think about it.

Saturday night I recorded a video I’d been scripting for quite awhile. Since a lot of times I lose my train of thought when I make those videos, I decided to try actually reading the script. Yuck. It just doesn’t sound natural, and combined with the fact that I had to move my recording space and the mic is too far away now the sound is just terrible. So I’ll try again later this week and try to post it by Friday.

My sister and I are working on a podcast. Or vlogcast? We’re still working out the details. But the blog project I’ve shared here a few times wasn’t feeling quite right so we’re playing with the format a bit. We recorded a skype session a couple of days ago just so I could try out some screen recording software. It seems like a lot of work and I’m pushing for a regular podcast, but I guess if she feels strongly enough about wanting to do video I’ll learn some new skills. That could be fun.

That’s my life lately! Writing, writing, recording, writing. If I could make it a career, it’d be perfect. Maybe someday. 🙂

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