Bonus Content

Just a couple of things to share that didn’t really fit with the last post but also don’t really deserve their own entries.

1. Overwatch
Last week there was an open beta for a game called Overwatch. I was cautiously excited about it because I really liked one of the characters and it looked like fun, but it is a team FPS (first person shooter) game and I do not like those. Not FPS games, not team games, certainly not the two combined. This seems like a terrible idea. Of course, it’s actually that I have had bad experiences with one such game. The other two I’ve tried (Splatoon and now Overwatch) I’ve liked quite a bit. I have conflicting feelings about that, since I still do not like all the violence and would like to see more truly cooperative games. I’ve thought about that and I have some good points for the games, but I realize those are just trying to justify it after the fact because I already like the game.

Anyway. I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts on that at another time. For now I’m just going to share my highlights reel from the weekend. 😀 It’s short (about 6 minutes) and very silly. It’s been awhile since I edited gameplay and I just wanted to do something quick to play around with it. It is a violent and somewhat graphic game, so if that will bother you don’t watch.

2. Google Spaces
Google’s kind of on a roll. First I saw that they were adding domain registration at pretty awesome prices (and because of Blogger they’re also one of the cheapest hosting solutions – hard to beat free!). Today, there’s Spaces, a sharing service for small groups. Over at Google+ they added Collections awhile back, so instead of sharing to just my comics circle (where I was in charge of adding people and might have missed someone), I could share things to a comics collection and anyone who likes comics could subscribe to that themselves. And if you don’t really want to follow someone in general but they have a collection you like, you could just follow that. It looked like a good idea, but to be honest I never really jumped on board and when I asked other people about it they said they didn’t get much use out of them.

This to me seems kind of like that but with more community participation built in. Like a collection where the subscribers can also share content. I’ve been wanting something like that here for awhile, since one of my friends started using Slack, but I couldn’t find anything quite right. A place where I could just link to things I like a lot or that spark my interest but might not have much to say about them and they probably wouldn’t make it to a blog post. Quite often I find articles or small things that are a perfect fit for the topic of this blog but I don’t have enough to add to justify a full post. I also like the idea of giving friends and regular readers the ability to share that sort of thing or start up conversations. It seems like Spaces might be a good fit.

So I’ve made a Space for this blog. Feel free to jump in and start talking.

(And yeah, I know having a Facebook or G+ page for this blog would have done the same thing without the group participation, and a group or community on the same sites would have allowed for the participation. There aren’t enough people using G+ for posting there to be very worthwhile to me, I don’t really like Facebook, and the groups/communities seem too big and impersonal. I like the small group aspect of this. It feels more personal, like meeting in a virtual room instead of shouting at each other in a crowded street. Or maybe I just like the shiny new thing. We’ll see.)

Oh, and now I’ve made another one. I was encouraged to start up a comics-specific Space but didn’t think I’d talk about it enough to justify a whole other Space. But there was a recent My Little Pony episode that made me realize the ponies have pictorial writing systems and that made me really happy. Visual forms of communication in general make me happy. So I started a new Space to talk about comics, children’s books, animation, sign language, and anything else that fits. Where those things intersect with spirituality, inclusion, or education they’ll probably wind up being shared at the Spirit of Squee one too. But now I’ll also have a place where I can talk about visual stuff without having to make it fit a religious blog. I like that.

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