DC Super Hero Girls

Looking at a busy weekend ahead, probably not going to have a big chunk of time to sit and write a normal blog post. That works out alright, because I have at least two and possibly a third short blurb in mind. Things I’ll be able to write and publish quickly. So I’m going to try something a little different and aim for those 2-3 short posts over the next week. First up, more toys! So much toy stuff lately. Makes me happy.

So, these are apparently in some stores already. Yessssssssss. Like with the Barbies mentioned in the last post, probably going to be awhile before I can grab them. But they’re SO. CUTE.


I kind of hate the cartoon. Not even kind of. The cartoon is terrible and Amanda Waller is their principal and I don’t like the way they handle Harley and it’s all very very weird. Their catchphrase and title song is “Get your cape on.” Do we need Edna Mode to make a visit to the campus? Only one of the characters wears a cape anyway, so it doesn’t even make sense. But hey, it’s not meant for me. As long as the kids like it, all good.

But the toys. The toys are a feminist toy collector’s dream. Fashion dolls and action figures, both designed with girls in mind, featuring some great female characters who are strong heroic action-y characters in their own right, not sidekicks. Hurray! It feels like it should not have taken this long for companies to figure out that girls will buy hero toys if you make them with girls in mind. Wow.

Doll wishlist: Batgirl, Bumblebee, Harley
Action figure wishlist: Harley, maybe Wonder Woman? They’re roommates. I mentioned this show is weird, yes?

I don’t like that Katana’s been part of the main group on the site from the start but isn’t in the first wave of toys, but hope that just means there’s a second wave not far behind. Maybe featuring Cheetah and Catwoman as well? They can hang out with Toralei on my shelf. (Batgirl and Bumblebee are going to chill with Ghoulia. SMART GIRLS FTW. Thinking of trying to make them laptops. Harley goes with Maddie Hatter. I’ve got it alllll figured out.)

It also gives me all kinds of ideas for toys that should exist but don’t. Young Justice and X-Men: Evolution were both perfect for this kind of thing. I can think of SOOOOO many Evolution toys that would be amazing. Rogue from that series is basically already wearing Monster High fashions and is just super cool, Kurt would be such a fun doll and maybe they could have changeable head/hands to pretend he’s using his image-inducer-thing, Kitty could come with a playset where the walls are made of strips of fabric close together so she can ghost through them! Jean could have a floaty-thing (like this) so it looks like she’s levitating objects! WHY DO WE NOT ALREADY HAVE THESE THINGS.

More seriously, I do hope we get something like this from Marvel but not where they’re all in high school together and have their personalities erased. Something more like A-Force??? Yes, I think I like that. A-Force dolls would be good. And it potentially stretches out to all the women of Marvel without having to match their ages and drastically change back stories.

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