Video Post – Hocus Pocus

Show Notes
This is my first video since deciding to re-focus. The videos (and many of the blog posts) now are supposed to be about secular/pop culture things I would use in religious/values education and how, where the first couple I tried were mostly about “SQUEE I LOVE THIS THING SO MUCH AND ALSO IT’S MYTHICAL OR SOMETHING?” Like I had ideas for using it to teach but I didn’t think anyone would care so I didn’t talk about it. I’m still not sure anyone will care, but it’s similar to my decision to try for the job I want rather than looking for something close enough that already exists. If people don’t care, they won’t watch. No big deal.

It’s more important to work at being able to express myself in this way, since usually what happens is that I see in my head lots of ways to use this and hours of discussion I’d love to have about it, but then when I go to actually speak it the ideas get lost on the way to my mouth. Somehow speaking out loud makes it a lot harder for me to process, and I want to practice more to make that a little easier. So for awhile I still might not be great at getting my ideas across, let alone in a super-interesting way, but it’ll get there.

That “getting lost” happened here a bit, which will probably be obvious if you watch the video. But I think it’s getting better the more I push myself to speak and socialize. This is also the first video where I did very minimal editing, so there are parts where I stumble over phrases and I’m forcing myself to be okay with that.

There was originally a thing in here about Rocky Horror Picture Show, since it’s coming to TV and Kenny Ortega’s involved with it. (And in case you don’t know who that is, also the guy we can thank for lots of wonderful things – Hocus Pocus, Newsies, High School Musical, Descendents. I feel like I’m forgetting something here, but you get the idea.) I couldn’t remember why I was talking about it, just that I wanted to talk about it, Kenny Ortega, and Ryan Murphy. So I babbled and paused and finally just cut it out of the video.

But the original idea was that part of why I love Hocus Pocus and think it’s still going is the honesty in the silliness, which is very similar to how I feel about Ryan Murphy. A lot of times he’ll do something (often a something that comes up again and again in his work, there’s a lot of those repeated themes) and I’ll tilt my head and just think “Why?” But I think those moments are also very open and make it clear he’s not concerned with appealing to anyone, he’s just doing the things he loves and wants to see. And when you can tell creators are having that much fun, you feel like you’re allowed to have fun too.

And also I feel like Ryan Murphy and Kenny Ortega teaming up for Rocky Horror would be amazing. It’ll be fine with just Ortega, but I think Murphy’s sick sense of humor might push it over the top to complete perfection.

How great is this witch costume, by the way? It’s incredibly lazy, the mask is actually left over from my wedding (masquerade theme – this one was my husband’s but he doesn’t ever use it) and the cape is so old I don’t even remember when I got it. But it works, and looking at myself in the mirror while wearing it makes me want to do a witch cackle – and more incredibly, SOMEHOW MAKES ME ABLE TO DO IT. When I’m not wearing this – or even when I can’t really see myself wearing it, because I tried during the video and failed – I can’t figure out a cackle. It just sounds sad. When I’m looking in the mirror in this costume, I sound very cartoon-style witchy and it’s so much fun. I’ll have to practice that. Maybe at some point I’ll do a whole video in character. I miss drama class.

Next Month
I haven’t decided yet. Jem & the Holgrams (comic)? Give Penny Dora another try? Continue the spooky theme with The Shining (and also The Babadook since I don’t think I can discuss one without the other)? Discuss the merits of Steve Rogers vs Sam Wilson as Captain America? Compare my children’s books on Pandora? Actually I can pretty firmly say that last one won’t happen. I need to learn to work with props and especially books in videos first so I don’t just stare at the pages and flip through them the whole time. Jem is the one I originally had in mind, but I’m not glued to it. I think I only penciled it in because I thought volume 1 was coming out in November (when actually it came out a couple days ago). If you have any preferences or other suggestions, let me know!

Still need to work on some channel art. I have an idea, just have to try it.

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