Quick Update

Oh noes! My weird deadlines that probably no one but me even notices or cares about have been completely ignored! No first video for September? No blog post in two weeks?! What is even happening? 😀

A couple of things. Mostly a refocusing, but also I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. Birthday for me, wedding for my friends, lots of surprise social time that I loved but means I needed some recovery time. And a big “Oh wait, this is nowhere near as hard as I’m making it” realization. I love those.

I did actually record a first video, though. It wasn’t good and I’m not going to post it. I was feeling sort of scattered and even though I had written out a script (and spent a month putting it together), it didn’t feel right. And I kept looking at the book a lot instead of the camera. 😀 Note to self: If you’re going to bring props, PRACTICE WITH THEM FIRST.

That turns out to be kind of a blessing in disguise because I think I want to re-center the video posts and make them more about using these things in religious or values education. There are a lot of people out there doing reviews, people who are a lot better and more interesting than I am at it. And I really do have a *lot* of kids’ books and shows on my list of things I want to review, because I’ve always loved those best and I like collecting them for my future kids, or for if I got a day care job again, or any parents I know ever are looking for great things for kids to read.

Eventually I realized that means I really want to work with kids. Even when I considered going back to school to be a librarian, the main thing that interested me about it was a specialization in children’s literature. I don’t want to be a librarian, I want to help kids find books that they’ll love as much as I loved books when I was a kid.

I started to think about changing my career focus from pastoral ministry to religious education. Looking back at that job description I wrote a few weeks ago, it seems like most of that is already included in RE, or could be with an open-minded congregation and/or a bit of creativity. And when I went to my office and looked at all the ministry books I’ve kept, I realized they lean heavily towards education (or theology and social justice work, which easily convert to possible classes and study groups).

But I remembered RE certification being hard. Couldn’t remember why, so I went to look. Oh yeah, you need paid experience before you even start the certification. But wait, that doesn’t make sense. Surely you have to be certified before you can get a job in this, right?

Nope. Just more of me making things harder on myself. My sister’s doing it already without a degree, a local church I would love to work with has a college student doing it, several of my classmates were pastors either during or even before starting their seminary work. Only I seem to have this idea that you have to go through a full complicated approval process before anyone will hire you for anything.

So that’s what I’m working on now. Feeling a lot more hopeful about my chances than I have before, and excited to start thinking of these posts and the video ones more in terms of ideas they give me for teaching and learning. Yay! So I’ll be re-recording that first video and putting it up soon, hopefully by this weekend or early next week. And then still trying to get a video out for Halloween, which shouldn’t be too hard because I’m just going to use a movie I’ve watched every year since 1993. I should know how to talk about it by now!

See ya soon.

2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. What a fantastic reason to want to be a librarian and one I can absolutely get behind! When I was younger, I spent every day in the library and thought that was where I would end up as an adult. My life ended up going down a different path, but I really appreciate your goal and I’m envious that you’ve figured out what you’d love to do.


    1. Absolutely everyone thought I was going to be a librarian. 😀 I considered it for awhile, but when it came time to actually choose a major, it didn’t seem like enough. I wanted to be more involved in people’s lives and make a difference. Of course, looking back I can definitely think of a librarian who made more of a difference in my life than any of the psychologists I saw, so I suppose it’s more about what you do with it than what you do. But I think personally I might be too driven towards extreme introversion in a library setting. Hopefully I can do more with education. Thanks for the support!


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