Pandora Intro Post

New video! Here’s the link in case anyone has trouble seeing the embedded version.

On the technical side, I know I talk too fast and that causes problems both with hearing and editing. I’m going to work on talking slower, taking more pauses, maybe try to find a rhythm I can follow. That should help with the choppy cuts, although I’ll also be looking for tutorials. (I swear I used to be better at this. Not sure if the program changed or if I’m just out of practice.) And I’m thinking maybe when I do talk too fast and it’s really hard to cut it in the right place without losing words, maybe I’ll just leave my mistakes. People can watch me stumble over words, it’s not the end of the world.

I believe stories can change the world. In fact, not even “can,” I think they do change the world on a daily basis. The way we interpret events and the story we tell ourselves about why things happen affects the way we’re driven to act in the world. For that reason, I emphasize my own interpretation of this story here rather than spending more time on academic guesses about what it means that hope is in the jar, for example.

Any story can inform, challenge, or support your values as needed. While I think that historical side is useful (and fun!) to learn, I think it’s more useful in a practical sense to be aware of what we each need to hear in it. And that might change between readings as things change in your life. So often I read something I’ve read many times before only to see it in a new way suddenly that speaks perfectly to my current situation. I don’t think that’s coincidence, and I’m also not convinced it’s divine intervention. I think it’s just the natural result of my mind being in a different place and reaching out to learn something new.

My comments about my Baptist upbringing need some clarification. I don’t think that’s how all Baptist churches are, and to be honest it may not even have been true of mine. Maybe I spoke to the wrong people, or maybe they were responding to how I asked rather than what I asked, or there could be any number of other explanations. It’s simply the impression I got from the way certain people (especially but not only leaders) responded to questions I asked. I can only speak to my own experience, and it seemed to me that anything in our lives that made us question was considered the work of the devil and that I was supposed to separate myself from those things.

Another point of clarification about not being able to talk to people like I do now. It’s not as if I’ve ever been totally non-verbal, I just find it very difficult to process my thoughts and turn them into spoken words in situations where there are a lot of people or distractions. Writing has always come much more naturally, and when I got to college and started to explore the internet, one of the first things I did was start a blog. I made so many friends that way and became much more comfortable than I’d ever been before with sharing my thoughts. It helped me learn how to talk to other people in general, and that carried over into my life offline. I became more comfortable with speaking in front of groups, felt more confident in the things I was saying, eventually even started to enjoy public speaking. I don’t think I would have bothered if the internet hadn’t given me the opportunity to discover how much I have to say.

Two more items for the “What makes something a Pandora story?” list (8:00 in the video):
– No parents, or parents not present. Person left to figure things out for themselves.
– Their actions don’t simply affect them, whatever flies out of the box/jar has to mean something for the world around them and that should be explored.

Any ideas for my background image on the Youtube channel and its G+ page? I have a few possibilities swimming around my head. Originally I was just going to get some colorful markers and write a bunch of words related to fandom, religion, etc. “SQUEE” in big letters, things like “faith” and “stories” and “words” and “parasocial interaction” floating around it. 😀 Given how much I tend to gravitate towards Pandora-related stories and its particular importance as a story that’s actually intended to provide answers about meaning and justice, I wonder if it might work to have those words coming out of a box. I also considered just a simple phrase in big bubble letters – “Stories change the world.” Trying to think of any characters or other things to draw that would fit the theme, but nothing’s come to mind yet. I’m not much of an artist, but I do have fun with cutesy elementary-level illustrations.

4 thoughts on “Pandora Intro Post

  1. I only thought the first few seconds were “too fast” and I think that’s because you were a bit nervous or just introducing yourself. As you got into your subject, you seemed relaxed and your voice speed was fine to me.


    1. Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. Where it really shows up is in the editing, so I guess maybe that note is mostly for me. 😀 There are a few parts in this where words are clipped on either side, and several statements that I just edited out altogether because I couldn’t get the cut in a place that made any sense. I don’t know how it happens, maybe just the distance from the microphone or something, but there are parts where I swear I’m saying two things at once. Like the tail end of the misspoken word is right on top of the correction when I play it back. It’s really hard to edit out a mistake that overlaps like that. So maybe I’ll just leave them in.


  2. I enjoyed your words about stories, and I’m so glad you found your voice on the internet and now you share your thoughts with us!

    Oh, and the background looks good. Sounds like you have some new ideas, too. Eager to see what you come up with next! 🙂


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