Designing My Dream Job (Part 1)

Talking to my current boss about future plans made me realize I finally do actually have a fairly specific ideal job in mind. That’s never been true before. Well, maybe I could picture myself as a librarian in some detail, but…no, no more school. First time I’ve gotten there with my actual degree in mind. (So why didn’t I just get a library science degree? That’s complicated and I’ll talk about it another time. Short version: Callings, what can ya do?)

Looking back, I’ve been putting this ideal together for awhile now, but I was afraid that it’s not a job that actually exists. Now I’ve decided I do not care if it exists, I will create it! It may be an evolving thing, in fact I’d expect it to change. That’s how life works, we change. But with all that in mind, here’s my ideal job. Oh, oh, I could do it like a resume! Or maybe I’ll do that another time and just describe it now. Yes, that’s it! Like a job listing. And then later I could do a resume/response and then a mock interview with myself! Cool. (I make my own fun.)


Job Title: Outreach & Community Development Minister

Description: The Outreach & Community Development Minister is responsible for building and strengthening connections both within the church and outwards to the wider community. This will be accomplished through development of social and educational programs in the church, engaging with the local community, reaching out to members who cannot physically attend church, and strengthening the church’s web presence.

– Work with ministers and lay leaders to help develop inclusive practices and language, experiment with new programs and classes, build on skills and resources, and effectively reach out to the public.

– Become familiar with local needs and issues. Be aware of social justice work being done, volunteer opportunities, charities, festivals and other local events. Communicate these to the church, help members connect, and organize volunteer groups if applicable.

– Facilitate communication within the church community. Develop inter-generational activities such as family resources or mentor programs. Create a newsletter and make room for small groups to share what they’re doing and invite new members. Find ways for members who cannot attend services to be involved with the community, to bring church to them and allow them to share in return.

– Create connections between our church and other local religious groups. Find opportunities for interfaith dialogue and learning, hold social activities with other groups, and generally help maintain good relationships.

– Make visits to our members who are hospitalized or for whatever reason unable to come to church. Be involved with local hospitals, hospices, and prisons and be available as a pastoral presence for both members and non-members in those settings.

– Help develop a strong and active internet presence. Keep the church website up to date, upload sermons, announce upcoming events, and share photos and information about recent ones. Provide social networking options so that members and others in the wider community can communicate throughout the week.

– Ability to work well with others and communicate clearly.

– Passion for justice and service .

– Compassion and dedication to helping those in need.

– Familiarity with technology, website development, and social networking.

– Strong interest in ecumenical work and building community.

That was harder than I thought. I have two notebook pages full of things I want in a dream job, but putting them into a more professional format like this cut down on a lot. Some of them are more to do with me and will show up in the next two posts I mentioned. Those will happen…sometime. I have a long list of topics for this blog and some of them I’ll want to put out while they’re fresh in my mind, so it might take awhile. That’s okay, I can always link back to this to remind anyone who cares. I was late on this post so I should have another one later this week about Pandora, including a video! Haven’t decided yet if I’ll do just the basic story in video and then analyze it in writing or try to do it all in the video. I guess I’ll see how long it takes and how it looks and sounds.

In the last post, I made a list of things I was considering for my October video. I’ve narrowed it down to the Sweet Valley Twins Super Chillers (which I’ve read so many times they’re all falling apart) or Gremlins (which I have never seen but I think it has Pandora parallels and that interests me). It will probably be Gremlins. I am officially in Halloween mode now.

bob mask

4 thoughts on “Designing My Dream Job (Part 1)

    1. Thanks! I figure it will at least help me understand what I want and find jobs that come close. And if nothing ever happens that way, maybe I’ll just start my own thing when I get some more experience! I could see starting up a volunteer organization center and working with all the local churches rather than being employed by one in particular. I wonder what other options might come to mind as I keep exploring this…


  1. There are UU churches that have such a minister. Specific job descriptions vary, but generally it is called something like community minister. UU of SF (CA) has at times had two paid ministers (simultaneously) doing community outreach, one a “street” minister, part time I think. So there is such a thing. You might explore what various UU churches are doing….. and how your idea fits with or beyond that…..


    1. Thanks for the suggestion! It seems like I might live in a pretty good place to make it happen. I’ve spent a lot of time in places with small churches and one minister, I don’t think they could afford something like this as well. Here there is only one UU church and they also only have one minister and no building of their own, so I don’t know how well that will work. But maybe they’ll get bigger before I’m through the candidacy process, you never know! Then there is a not-technically-UU church that uses our hymnal and one of their several ministers is a UU. Another one of their ministers seems to be doing something similar to what I’ve described here. So I have that in mind as a first choice for the moment.


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